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Chat with us on IRC/Discord! Most people hang around 24/7, and you can too, but you can come and ask a question.

Before you enter

  • Search the wiki first, as you'll usually find a better and more in depth answer, plus it will free up the others' time for other questions.
  • If you have a question, just ask it. Don't ask if you can ask it, don't ask if anyone is around, don't wait for someone to say hi.
  • The way IRC/Discord works is that most people just sit in the channel 24/7, and thus are rarely ever there. Sometimes you'll get an answer right away, other times you may have to stay online for a few hours.
  • Do not private message or randomly ping people without permission. It's annoying and considered rude. (Pinging is when you say someone's name in a channel, it generally plays a sound or displays a pop up notification when you say someones name, this is generally considered bad manners)
  • If you have an error message in your console, pastebin it and bring it up immediately.
  • Remember that if you have something going wrong, you have to describe as much as possible, because we can't see your screen and it could be a thousand possibilities.


If you are young and hip and use Discord these days, you can find us at


You'll find us on the following chatrooms:

If you want to help develop, check our development channels:

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