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Warning: Much of the vehicles documentation is still dated from 2010 (before even Bukkit) and therefore some information may be outdated. We're working on bringing the documentation up to date. If you have questions, you can head into IRC to see if anyone can help.

This page contains a list of all CraftBook features. If you would like to learn more about a specific feature; for example, usage, permission nodes or configuration.. Click the features name below! Is a feature missing? Tell us on Our Issue Tracker.

Tip: CraftBook is completely modular! If you don't like one of these features, or only want one, you can disable any you don't want! If a feature is disabled, it won't even be loaded in the plugin, so it'll be as if it doesn't even exist, allowing for a simple lightweight solution to adding features to the game. Note: Make sure you enable any features you wish to use.
Warning: No features are enabled by default! MAKE SURE TO ENABLE ANY FEATURES YOU WANT TO USE.







Legacy features

Warning: The following features have not worked since 2010, or on any release of Bukkit. They may be ported in the future.

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