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SISO (1 input, 1 output)


Pumps liquid into a chest above it.

Locate this block above a body of liquid and place a chest above it. It will remove liquid source block from below and stack it as an item in the chest.

Note: This requires buckets to function.

Suggestions for Use

In combination with:
  1. MC1222 Liquid Flood to keep a chest stocked with water or lava.
  2. MC1226 Spigot to drain and fill pools.
  3. MC1238 Irrigator to keep farmland productive without trenches.
Power this IC with a pulse.

Sign parameters

Third line: Blank

Fourth line: Blank



  1. rising edge


  1. none


  1. MC1225 Pump, will only move static water or lava. It will not pump moving water or lava flowing from a source block.
  2. Take care to protect redstone circuitry from the liquid being pumped. This is especially important if the pump is located below the surface of the liquid or in combination with MC1222 Liquid Flood
  3. If used with a 2x2 water well, it will drain the well before new source blocks are generated.

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