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CraftBook Languages

CraftBook supports a language system that allows players to have their language set on their client displayed for craftbook messages. If their client language is unavailable on the server, the servers language is used.

Need a language? Find it on this page below. If it isn't there, why not translate it and add it below?

Note: In the config, the 'languages' option is a list of all usable languages, and the 'language' option is the default language. If it isn't listed under languages, but is listed as language, it won't work.


Tip: If you are adding to this table, please use Gist to store your files. Do not use pastebin or a similar paste service, gist allows others to submit changes to your language file! Failure to do so may result in your link being removed!

The name of the gist file should be the language code, and it must be a public gist. If you wish to modify an existing language, please fork the existing language and make the changes there. Try to PR the changes, and if there is no reply after a week; you can change the gist link on this site to your fork.

Each entry must undergo the format specifically; Language Name; Author(s) name(s); View link - Download link; Version it was made for. For example, English; Me4502; View - Download; 3.7.1 would be an acceptable format for the table.
Warning: Registration on the wiki is temporarily closed due to spammers. If you do not have an account and would like to contribute your language file, please make a ticket on the issue tracker or ask in the IRC channel.
Language Author(s) Download For Version
Français/French amlette View - Download 3.9
German/Deutsch X00LA View - Download 3.9
Australian English Me4502 (With help of a few others) View - Download 3.7.1
Bahasa Indonesian Me4502 View - Download 3.7.1
Italiano En27 View - Download 3.7.1
Cesky/Czech AyACZE View - Download 3.7.3
Eesti/Estonian TheCreepySheep View - Download 3.7.3
Polski/Polish Navally View - Download 3.7.14
Magyar/Hungarian ezres View - Download 3.7.14
Magyar/Hungarian foxi69 View - Download 3.9 Beta 20
Русский/Russian TheZerok666 View - Download 3.8.9
中文/Chinese RogerZhangHS View - Download 3.9 Beta 3
Brazilian Portuguese Douglas Biazus View - Download 3.9u10

Severely outdated languages

Language Author(s) Download For Version
Français/French amlette View - Download 3.8.4
German/Deutsch IrusVirus Download View Unknown.
Russian TrAnE (With help of Download Unknown.
Русский/Russian MisterFix View - Download 3.7.14
Ukrainian Tavi (With help of Download Unknown.
Belorussian Jers (With help of Download Unknown.
Español (Spanish) AlexpizzaxD View Download 3.9
Español (Castellano) Robimoli View Download 1.6.1.
Danish/Dansk Fungreenfox Download View Unknown.
Polski/Polish SzymekPL Download View 3.6

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