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Elevators allow you to move between floors easily (through teleportation or smooth travel). Signs must be created in the same location but above or below in order to link floors to each other.



Elevators are just wall signs Wall sign icon.png that are above or below each other. However, there are three different types of wall signs that determine what you can do on a certain level.

  • Using [Lift Up] on the second line of a sign allows players to right click the sign to go upwards toward any other elevator sign.
  • Using [Lift Down] on the second line of on a sign allows players to right click the sign to go downwards toward any other elevator sign.
  • Using [Lift] on the second line of a sign prevents anyone from right clicking the sign, but you can use it tandem with the other two signs types.

The first line of a sign can be used to tell players who arrive at a level the name of the level.

If the elevator looping setting is enabled, if lift up is used and no elevators are above it, it will search from the bottom of the world up. The same goes for down lifts.

Watch the tutorial video to learn how to make elevators and how they work.

Elevators, as of version 2.0, will no longer put players in blocks and suffocate them if a teleportation would put a player in such a position. Elevators will also now check to see if there is flooring below the player at the destination. Be aware that elevators teleport the player directly upwards or downwards. Also when constructing an elevator, be sure to have enough room height-wise or else you'll get the message "Your destination is obstructed."

Multiple floors

You can't have one elevator system for multiple floors. An elevator goes always from the sign to the sign above or below it (defined by the sign text). If you want a multiple-floor elevator you simply need multiple elevators.

An elevator with three named floors (dungeon, entrance and balcony)


Permission Node Effect
craftbook.mech.elevator Allows creation of elevators.
craftbook.mech.elevator.use Allows usage of elevators.


Configuration Node and Path Default Value Effect
mechanics.elevator.enable false Enables the Elevator mechanic.
mechanics.elevator.enable-buttons true Allow elevators to be used by a button on the other side of the block.
mechanics.elevator.allow-looping false Allows elevators to loop the world height. The heighest lift up will go to the next lift on the bottom of the world and vice versa.
mechanics.elevator.smooth-movement false Causes the elevator to slowly move the player between floors instead of instantly.
mechanics.elevator.smooth-movement-speed 0.5 The speed at which players move from floor to floor when smooth movement is enabled.

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