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CraftBook is a Minecraft SMP addon that adds:

  • Interactive mechanisms like bridges and gates.
  • Redstone features such as integrated circuits, programmable logic chips.
  • Minecart enhancements such as stations and boosters.


CraftBook is SMP only and requires:

File:Download icon.png CraftBook 3.2-dev

Be sure to join us on #sk89q @!

CraftBook is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3. Fork CraftBook!


For further information/descriptions about the Installation please check the installation article


For configuration of CraftBook, check the Configuration page.

For alternative languages, or if you want to help translate, hop over to this page.

NOTE: the "src" is the source folder; there is no need to transfer it to the server.


For usage and features of CraftBook, check the Usage page.

Language: English

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