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CraftBook is one of Minecraft's first ever game mods, and as a Minecraft SMP addon, it adds:

  • Interactive mechanisms like bridges, elevators, and gates.
  • Redstone features such as integrated circuits and programmable logic chips.
  • Minecart enhancements such as stations and boosters.

Remember that CraftBook is open source.


CraftBook works on multiplayer.

For With platform How to install
Multiplayer Bukkit/Spigot CraftBook 3 installation
Multiplayer Canary Available as a significantly differing fork
Both Sponge Available as CraftBook 4
Multiplayer hMod No longer supported (see legacy instructions)

Usage, Features, Configuration and Permission Nodes

For usage, features, configuration and permission nodes of CraftBook, check the Usage page.


See Languages.


If you really like the work I do on CraftBook, and want to say thankyou, donating is the easiest way. If you donate $30 or more, I'll add you and a server of your choice to the 'thanks' section at the bottom of the dbo page. To donate, press the donate link on top of the dbo page.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

See FAQ and Troubleshooting.

Missing Documentation?

If something is missing, or information appears to be wrong, make a support ticket about it at Our Issue Tracker..

Development Builds

Development builds for this plugin are available. They are not recommended, and should not be used unless you have been told to or you know what you are doing. If you do use these, please report any errors or bugs you encounter onto our issue tracker.

The dev builds are available here

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