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A config.yml file will be created in plugins/CommandBook when CommandBook is first started.

Note: These configuration options are outdated due to a major change in CommandBook.
Configuration Type Default Description
online-on-join true/false true Shows the list of online players on join.
auto-god true/false true Auto enables God Mode for those with the permission
verify-name-format true/false true Verifies that usernames are valid usernames and kicks users that have invalid names. Disabling this may allow users to bypass the ban system as it does not properly support spaces (spaces are not allowed in registered names).
motd text (default text) Message of the day. Leave blank to not use. You can put a MOTD that goes over several lines. You just have to use a pipe symbol, like this:
motd: |
    Line 1
    Line 2
    Line 3

Notice how you have to indent the entire thing.

rules text Rules text (to be used with the /rules command).
op-permissions true/false true Give operators (set with the Minecraft /op command) all permissions.
use-display-names true/false false Use users' display names rather than than their raw username in various messages. Display names are set by other plugins.
broadcast-changes true/false true For /time and /weather commands, broadcast change messages to everyone when you change the time or weather.
console-say-format text <`r*Console`w> %s Format of the text for /say. %s is the text. You can use color codes here. Note that you may have to surround this in single quotation marks (') so that the program can properly read your configuration file.
broadcast-format text `r[Broadcast] %s Format of the text for /broadcast. %s is the text. See console-say-format above.
exact-spawn true/false false Attempts to spawn players exactly where the spawn location is. This currently works for when people respawn, but not for first time joining players.
time-lock list (empty list) List of worlds and a time to lock the time of worlds to. Note that this is not recommended, as locked time also stops processes such as redstone signal propagation. An example follows:
    world: 3am
time-lock-delay integer 20 For time locks, the amount of time to wait between resetting the time to the locked time. Set this to a higher number if you have trouble with water physics or redstone propagation.
broadcast-bans true/false false Broadcast a message when a player is banned.
broadcast-kicks true/false false Broadcast a message when a player is kicked.
per-world-warps true/false false Make each world store warps independently of other worlds.
per-world-homes true/false false Make each world store homes independently of other worlds.
thor-hammer-items list (default list) Item ids to use a a thor hammer.
[278, 285, 257, 270]
item-permissions-only true/false false See item permissions.
disallowed-items list (empty list) See item permissions.
allowed-items list (empty list) See item permissions.
default-item-stack-size integer 1 The default stack size for the /item and /give commands.
item-names list (default list) [NOTE: If you're having problems with an old config: This section needs to be moved to the root-level of the config.yml (so that "item-names" starts at column 1)]

Sets alias names for various items. An example list is as follows:

    goldblock: 41
    ice: 79
Online player list
online-list.colored-names true/false false Color users' names in the online player list.
online-list.grouped-names true/false false Group players by their group. true/false false Show the maximum number of players.

Note: To enter text that is multiple lines, put a | (pipe symbol) and then write the text afterwards. See the example configuration file.


The message of the day text and the rules text support macros

  • %name% is the player's name. This can be a display name, but it is stripped of colour.
  • %cname% is the player's coloured name. This can also be a display name.
  • %id% gets the unique name. This will never be a display name.
  • %time% is the current time in a world.
  • %world% is the name of the current world that the player is inside.
  • %online% gets the amount of players currently logged on.
  • %players% displays a player list

Colour and Formatting

Use the colour codes below to insert color into messages such as the MOTD and the rules.

Colour code Colour on white Colour on black Format code Style
`r red red `k (Obfuscated)
`R dark red dark red `l bold
`y yellow yellow `m strikethrough
`Y dark yellow (gold) dark yellow (gold) `n underline
`g green green `o italic
`G dark green dark green `x reset
`c cyan/aqua cyan/aqua
`C dark cyan/aqua dark cyan/aqua
`b blue blue
`B dark blue dark blue
`p purple/pink purple/pink
`P dark purple dark purple
`0 black black
`1 dark grey dark grey
`2 light grey light grey
`w white white

Default configuration

This is automatically generated by moving the old configuration to another location, but for reference the default configuration is:

# Give operators (set with the Minecraft /op command) all permissions.
op-permissions: true

# Use users' display names rather than than their raw username in various messages. Display names are set by other plugins.
use-display-names: true

# Similar to use-display-names, this allows usage of users' display names when looking up players.
lookup-with-display-names: true

# For /time, /weather, and other commands, broadcast change messages to everyone when you change world information with the commands.
broadcast-changes: true

# Disables some features to be compatible with badly-written server wrappers.
crappy-wrapper-compat: true

# When this setting is enabled, CommandBook's commands will be registered AFTER every 
# other plugin's commands. If any other plugin registers a command that conflicts with
# one of CommandBook's commands, the CommandBook command will be accessible with 
# /commandbook:<command>, and the other plugin's command will be accessible 
# with /<command>
low-priority-command-registration: false

# A list of enabled and disabled components. Components in the disabled list 
# will automatically be removed from the enabled list. Fully qualified class names can 
# or aliases (automatically added to the list by CommandBook) can be used as component names.
    - freeze
    - help
    - bans
    - homes
    - warps
    - messaging
    - teleport
    - items
    - kits
    - midi
    - time
    - name-verification
    - fun
    - debug
    - thor
    - online-list
    - stored-messages
    - spawn-locations
    - info
    - world
    - player
    - god

# Configurations for CommandBook's built-in components are stored here.
# Custom component configurations are stored as individual files in the the config/ folder
        message: You have been banned
        broadcast-bans: false
        broadcast-kicks: false
        per-world: false
        per-world: false
        console-say-format: <`r*Console`w> %s
        broadcast-format: '`r[Broadcast] %s'
        twitter-style: true
        item-permissions-only: false
        allowed-items: []
        disllowed-items: []
        default-item-stack-size: 1
        time-lock-delay: 0
        - 257
        - 278
        - 270
        - 285
        show-max-players: true
        grouped-names: false
        colored-names: false
        list-on-join: true
        motd: |-
            Hello, `Y%name%`w.
            The time now is `Y%time%`w and you're in world '%world%'.
            `2This is the default CommandBook MOTD! Adjust it in config.yml.
            `2See `b`2 for more configuration information and help!
        rules: |-
            - Be courteous and respect others.
            - Don't use any tools to give you an unfair advantage.
            `2This is the default CommandBook rules text! You can adjust it in config.yml.
        exact-spawn: false
        auto-enable: true

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