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# Drop '''CommandBook.jar''' into your '''plugins/''' folder.
# Drop '''CommandBook.jar''' into your '''plugins/''' folder.
# Restart server.
# Restart server.
== Configuration ==
See the [[CommandBook/Configuration|configuration]] page.
=== Permissions ===
CommandBook will use whatever WorldEdit supports for permissions (currently PermissionsEx, bPermissions, the Permissions plugins and probably its derivatives, and Superperms). However, there are also [[WEPIF|alternate permissions systems]] available. Lastly, all ops get all commands (configurable).
== Usage ==
== Usage ==

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CommandBook is a plugin for general commands for Bukkit. It was made by sk89q for his server when he moved it over to Bukkit.


  1. Download CommandBook:
  2. Install WorldEdit
  3. Drop CommandBook.jar into your plugins/ folder.
  4. Restart server.


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